Studying The Universe Through Beautiful Deaths!

Panorama evening image from my village
🌄: Panaromic view of one random evening in my village.


My name is Rishabh Singh Teja. I am currently a Senior Research Fellow (SRF) at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) situated at Bangalore , Karnataka, India. I have completed my three years of PhD here. I work on the observational and theoretical aspects of Core-Collapse Supernovae (CCSNe), which are the spectacular deaths of stars with initial masses greater than 8 Suns combined.

Till now I have worked on the data from the following telescopes:
  • Himalayan Chandra Telescope (2-m)
  • Devasthal Optical Telescope (3.6-m)
  • UVOT onboard Swift Observatory
  • Growth India Telescope
I am familier with the following tools, computer languages, codes, etc., some of which I use very often.
  • Languages: C, C++, and Python
  • Tools/Softwares: MESA Star, IRAF, SYNAPPS, TARDIS, and MS-Office
  • Others: Latex, HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Do not stop at one thing, keep on learning new things; forever.

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